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Upcoming Game Releases

Need to know when your next favorite game is coming out? Take a look at this list and let us know what you want to order!


August 2017

August 18

Splendor: Cities of Splendor Expansion – $39.99

Cities of Splendor introduces four complete expansions to the Splendor base game, each accentuating and highlighting a different aspect of the original game.

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August 23

Adventures in Middle-Earth: Wilderland Adventures – $39.99

A failed robbery, the daring of two Hobbit brothers, a terrible crime, the flight of the Elves, the affairs of Wizards, black treachery, an ancient threat – seven stories await to be told in the Twilight of the Third Age.

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August 30

Heroclix: Mighty Thor

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September 2017

September 6

Smash Up: Big in Japan

Smash Up is back with new factions like you’ve never seen before! Unless you, like, watch TV or movies, or read comics or something. But who does that?

The Kaiju storm onto the scene and show you why we call the set Big in Japan. Magical Girls use their spells and the power of teamwork to win the base. The mighty Mega Troopers defeat any foe with their martial arts skills… and a giant flippin’ robot. And finally, because we had to have them all, the Itty Critters will defeat any challengers, if you have the heart of the… wait, sorry, mixing references.


September 19

D&D 5th Edition: Tomb of Annihilation – $49.95

The talk of the streets and taverns has all been about the so-called death curse: a wasting disease afflicting everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead. Victims grow thinner and weaker each day, slowly but steadily sliding toward the death they once denied.

When they finally succumb, they can’t be raised—and neither can anyone else, regardless of whether they’ve ever received that miracle in the past. Temples and scholars of divine magic are at a loss to explain a curse that has affected the entire region, and possibly the entire world.

The cause is a necromantic artifact called the Soulmonger, which is located somewhere in Chult, a mysterious peninsula far to the south, ringed with mountains and choked with rainforests.


September 19

D&D 5th Edition: Tomb of Annihilation Dice Set – $19.95

Traversing the jungles of Chult can be a harrowing experience, even without a ‘death curse’ hanging over your head. Don’t go without a good set of dice at your side.

A beautiful full metal container embossed with the classic devil face that also appears prominently on the cover of the Tomb of Annihilation D&D adventure.
A full set of ten dice including: 1d20, 1d12, 2d10, 1d8, 4d6, 1d4.


September 25

Codenames: Duet – $19.95

Codenames Duet keeps the basic elements of Codenames — give one-word clues to try to get someone to identify your agents among those on the table — but now you’re working together as a team to find all of your agents. (Why you don’t already know who your agents are is a question that Congressional investigators will get on your back about later!)

To set up play, lay out 25 word cards in a 5×5 grid. Place a key card in the holder so that each player sees one side of the card. Each player sees a 5×5 grid on the card, with nine of the squares colored green (representing your agents) and one square colored black (representing an assassin). The assassin is in different places on each side of the card, and three of the nine squares on each side are also green on the other side!

Collectively, you need to reveal all fifteen agents — without revealing either assassin or too many innocent bystanders — before time runs out in order to win the game. Either player can decide to give a one-word clue to the other player, along with a number. Whoever receives the clue places a finger on a card to identify that agent. If correct, they can attempt to identify another one. If they reveal as many as the number stated by the clue-giver, then they can take one final guess, if desired. If they identify a bystander, then their guessing time ends. If they identify an assassin, you both lose!

October 2017

Dominion: Nocturne Expansion – $44.95

Drawing on the classic tales of the creatures of the night, Vaccarino’s new Nocturne expansion adds a monstrous element to the game of Dominion.  Vampires, werewolves, animated statues, and other creatures well-known to the horror genre all put in appearances.





Date Not Set


Image may contain: 6 people, textSometime 2017

Princess Bride RPG

Fezzik, Inigo, Westley, and Buttercup are coming to your tabletop in The Princess Bride Roleplaying Game! The Princess Bride Roleplaying Game uses the FUDGE system, a great, light RPG engine that provides just the right feel of light-hearted, fantastic adventure that embodies The Princess Bride universe.




Fall 2017

Dragon’s Hoard – $20.00

In Dragon’s Hoard, each player plays a dragon hunting for treasure. Collect chromatic sheep from the farmer’s fields and use them to acquire marvelous treasures, but watch out! Other players will send angry mobs and wizards your way to stop you. Defend yourself and battle your way to riches.

Draft cards from a common draw pile before taking actions each turn. Purchase as many treasures as possible using the cards in your hand. Dragons buy treasures with sheep that they’ve collected, while opponents will play terrible actions against you to keep you from tending those sheep. Battle to keep your treasure, while preventing your opponents from doing the same.

At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points from treasures and bonuses wins!


Image result for guns for hire x-wingStar Wars X-Wing: Guns for Hire Expansion Pack – $29.95

Guns for Hire, the Scum and Villainy aces expansion for X-Wing, adds tremendous versatility to the faction`s Kihraxz fighters and StarVipers.







Image result for scythe windScythe: The Wind Gambit – $30.00

Mankind has long been confined to travel by land and sea, but a new technology has emerged from the greatest minds in Eastern Europa: airships. These steam-driven behemoths sail freely across the sky, aiding their empire`s expansion through innovation and confrontation.






Image result for ascension valleyAscension: Valley of the Ancients – $39.99

Unlock the Power of the Ancients! Race to unlock and control mysterious temples left behind by an ancient civilization, built to harness the powers of creation. Beware of the surrounding jungle and its monstrous inhabitants, mutated for centuries by the temples` unchecked power! A standalone boxed expansion for Ascension, Valley of the Ancients comes complete with 183-cards, 50 deluxe Honor Tokens, a game board, and a rulebook.




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Q4 2017

Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch

The Brothers of the Night’s Watch seek a new leader from among their ranks. Jeor Mormont wishes to promote one who can improve the infrastructure of the Gift, the bountiful and undeveloped area south of the Wall bestowed to the Watch by the Starks thousands of years ago. Drawing sustenance from the unforgiving landscape of the north offers enough challenges, but whomever takes up this task must also man and defend the Wall against the onslaught of Wildlings fighting their way into Westeros. Many brothers now compete to build, defend, and do what they can to protect Westeros, but only one shall rise above their brothers to become the new Lord Commander. But be wary—the north holds many dangers, and winter is coming.




Late 2017

Fallout Board Game – $59.99

A narrative-style adventure game that puts players in the shoes of survivors wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Starting from a few known landmarks, players explore a map formed from geomorphic tiles. As they explore, they can advance the storyline by completing faction quests or strike out on their own with side quests.

To win, players must not only advance their character and collect Influence cards, they must also balance the growth of the factions that are competing for control of the wasteland. Each quest can advance or thwart a faction’s efforts, and if a faction becomes too powerful it can end the game prematurely, with no winner.


Gaia Project: A Terra Mystica Game

Players are the leaders of would-be galactic empires, guiding their faction as they expand their influence over new planets, build critical structures, and develop advanced technology. But, each faction has their own environmental requirements, forcing them to terraform planets that are unsuitable while making those planets less suitable to the other factions, or using highly advanced “Gaiaformers” to convert the most valuable planets.





Q4 2017

Civilization: A New Dawn

Designed by James Kniffen (New Angeles, Forbidden Stars, Star Wars: Armada), Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn allows players to rewrite history while playing as rulers of antiquity’s most memorable empires. The goal is to expand domains, gain new technologies, and construct humanity’s greatest wonders. The new game includes an undiscovered country to conquer, which is built from map tiles. Every player has their own goals based on the Agenda cards, which are unique to each game.