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Gryphon birthday parties include use of a room for entertaining and activities led by a Gryphon employee. Hosts

are welcome to bring food and/or cake for the guests during the party. We are happy to include unlimited soft

drinks and drip coffee for guests to enjoy as well! We even include a snack to munch on (chips or fruit snacks)

for players. Total time of each party includes the guided activities and time for food, cake, and presents.

Birthday parties must be booked at least two weeks in advance, with a 50% non-refundable deposit paid at time

of booking. Guided and themed birthday parties are only currently available at the Fort Collins Gryphon Games

and Comics location.

Once you’ve chosen a theme from below, please contact us by phone or e-mail to book your party today!


phone: 970-224-3599


LARP2-hour party

$200 for up to 10 players

+$30/hour for up to 4 hours total


Use our genuine LARP shields and swords to defeat your enemy in a capture-the-flag or a king-of-the-hill type game setting! Or both?!
Adventurers will travel to Rolland Moore Park for the battle of a lifetime. Fare thee well!

•Dungeons & Dragons

4-hour party (3 hour game, 1 hour overflow)
$150 for up to 8 players
+$10/additional player


A Gryphon staff member will give a brief introduction to the world of D&D and then guide the partygoers through an age-appropriate dungeon crawling adventure.
With their characters, players will discover new trails, fight evil-doers, and gain prestige! Adventurers will also receive their very own set of dice (8 total) for future campaigns!



Optional Add-Ons

•Loot bag ($10/person): RPG minis (up to $5
worth), dice bag, & $5 gift dice!

•Board Gaming

Lord of Waterdeep2-hour party
$200 for up to 20 players
+$5/additional player


Gryphon will provide a plethora of age-appropriate board games for everyone to play (even the parents!). From Ticket to Ride to Pandemic to Avalon, we’ll find the perfect games for your group and teach everyone how to play. Simply deciding WHAT to play first will be the hardest part!

Optional Add-Ons

•Loot bag ($10/person): 3 complimentary
Board Game Rental coupons & $5 gift dice!

•Magic the Gathering Draft

20160116_0006263-hour party
$200 for up to 10 players
+$15/additional player

AGES 10 and ABOVE (recommended)

For the Magic the Gathering (MTG) enthusiast, players compete in an MTG draft-style tournament. Drafting booster packs (3 per player) AND card sleeves will be provided by the store, and the players can take home the deck they built and played! A Magic Judge will also be on hand to explain the basics of a draft and answer any questions that may arise. We’ll even sanction the event through Wizards!

Optional Add-Ons



Each player receives 6 booster packs to build their deck

•Loot bag ($10/person): Deck box, bag of counter dice, and one regularly priced

booster pack of their choosing

•Deluxe loot bag ($25/person): Playmat, Dragon Shield sleeves, deck box, and

marbled Chessex Dice!

Contact us today to book your party!

phone: 970-224-3599