Holiday Around the Moonsea

A D&D 5e Mini-Convention Benefit Weekend

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Holiday around the Moonsea D&D Mini-Con


Join us for two full days of Dungeons & Dragons on November 25th and 26th. Play games and support the Fort Collins Cat Rescue! We’ll be hosting games beginning at 8am on Friday and 8:30am on Saturday and going into the night. There are six total 4 hour game slots with multiple options for you to choose from on each day.

View the event schedule at

We have three options for pre-registration.

Pre-registration is now closed! Open games will be first-come, first-serve, on the day of the games.



The Noble of Mulmaster

– $30

  • All access pass for all sixgame slots.
  • Unlimited soda/drip coffee both days
  • Two meal tickets that may be redeemed
    for a bag of chips and your choice of sandwich, brat, or burrito each.    

The Visiting Noble

– $25

  • All access pass for all six game slots.

(Note that there is no outside food or drink allowed in Gryphon Games & Comics).

The Zhent dock worker

– $15

  • Pre-register for up to three games. They do not have to be on the same day…

Once you have registered, you will be contacted within 24 hours to register for your choice of games. Players will be emailed a link with more information on how to sign up and choose individual games. 

The Holiday Around the Moonsea event is a charity effort! Half of all proceeds will be given to the Fort Collins Cat Rescue. They have been assisting the community with rescues, foster and adoptive placements, and spay/neuter services since 2006.

All adventures used for this event are D&D Adventurer’s League official games. You will need a legal Adventurer’s League character of the appropriate level to participate in them. Character creation rules and resources and be found at

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