In Case You Missed It – March ’15 Week 3

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In Case You Missed It – March ’15 Week 3

In case you missed it, we were really excited about the Dragons of Tarkir’s pre-release this week! There was other great news, which we’ll highlight in a second, but let’s start this week’s social media recap with Magic: The Gathering.



dragons of tarkir pre-release eventsIf you couldn’t make the midnight pre-release in Ft. Collins, we still have Dragons of Tarkir pre-release events going on all weekend long. There are so many exciting cards we predict are going to revive old deck builds that fell out of favor, and others that will turn your deck into a powerhouse worthy of the dragon lords. We picked our Top 8 Dragons of Tarkir cards, do you agree with the choices?


Dragons of Tarkir Dragon Clan Symbols

Not everyone is as obsessed with Dragons of Tarkir like we are. If you feel a little behind on what to expect in the new set Wizard’s posted a great article describing the new dragon clans, game mechanics and some tips on putting enough mana in your Limited format deck.


On a serious note, we wanted to address the issue of fake Magic cards. While this hasn’t really been an issue at Gryphon Games & Comics, it’s important you know how to spot a fake Magic card. High value cards are abundant during big events like pre-release, sealed, GPTs and PTQs, making it a perfect time for counterfeiters to cheat you out of your cards. This is especially bad if you take these cards to a professional tournament as you will be disqualified for fake cards.


Our favorite, convenient way to detect a fake card is the light test. You can take your cell phone flashlight and shine it under the card. A real magic card will let you see the light clearly with no color hue. You should be able to see it through the entire card when you move the light up and down.

A high end fake magic card may let you see the light through the card, but often with pink or green hues. Other fake cards will not let any light shine through. When in doubt, ask a judge to confirm a card’s authenticity before making your trade.


There were two exciting announcements from Marvel this week. Groot is getting his own title in June and follows him on an adventure away from his trusty translator Rocket Raccoon.

There is no shortage to the Star Wars fandom this year, Marvel announced yet another Star Wars title coming this September said to bridge the gap between The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Groot #1
Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens--Shattered Empire #1


warmachine reckoningWARMACHINE: RECKONING

The next great chapter in the Warmachine saga unfolds in June. In Warmachine: Reckoning players will see a slew of new warcasters both infamous and legendary, new colossals, warjacks and solos.

You’ll also delve into new narrative fiction leaping off from Warmachine: Vengeance, tips on painting your models and “Theme Force lists for each new warcaster, which allow you to create armies based on specialized forces found in the Warmachine world”.

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