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  • 1. Sign up for a free account at
  • 2. Sign in, scroll to bottom of the page and click on the grey “Retailers” link. Enter our zip code: Fort Collins (80525) or Cheyenne (82001) and click “Search”. Alternatively you can enter “Gryphon Games and Comics” into the Store Locator on the right side of the page and hit “Submit”.
  • 3. Click on the Gryphon Games and Comics link and then click “Connect”.
  • 4. Now search for your favorite titles and click the “Subscribe” button next to the issue. We’ll pull all future issues of that series for you! If you just want a singe issue and not the series click the “Pull” button instead.
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Let’s take a look at Superman.  Go the PowerSearch function of ComiXology and type in Superman.  You’ll notice this brings up a large number of listings including comics, trade-paperbacks, toys and even related things that don’t have Superman in the title like “52”.  You can of course use the QuickSearch function at the top right hand corner of the ComiXology homepage, but make sure you unclick “Current Week Only” for best results. Most often, you will want to click the “Series” heading to filter the results to the comic series. Most titles offer the two options of “Pull” and “Subscribe”.

  • Pull: Pulling a title means you will only get a single issue, the one you Pulled.  Use this function if you see a title that looks interesting and want to try the first issue, or if you have some other interest in an issue like a cross-over title, variant cover art, etc.
  • Subscribe:  Most of the time you will want to Subscribe to titles.  This will give you the entire run of a title.  You can also subscribe to Trade Paperbacks if you don’t want the comic!
  • Edit:  Be sure to click on Edit and see what options are given to you.  If you Edit a title you will be given the option of picking things like Annuals, Variant Covers, and even re-prints!



Be aware that ComiXology will not second guess you.  If you click subscribe on a Variant Cover comic you will be subscribed to Variants.  Same goes for Annuals and Trade Paperbacks.  It is often best to go back and edit your subscriptions to make sure that you’re getting what you expect to be getting.  We of course will do our best to interpret mistakes, but it’s easier if we pull the right stuff for you to begin with!