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HeroClix is a collectible miniature game mainly based around the Marvel and DC universes. Using the Clix system, players create teams of heroes, villains and characters from various series and engage in turn-by-turn combat at different storyline locations. Read more in our beginner’s guide What is Heroclix!

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Tournaments are every Wednesday at 6:00pm in Fort Collins! New players are always welcome to drop in and we’re happy to run some demos to teach you how to play.

Rules, entry fees and prizes vary each week so we encourage you to join our lively Facebook Group. If you want to read up on guidelines before trying a demo game with us we recommend the official Heroclix Rules and Player Guides. We are always happy to chat, go over game rules and strategies with you!

october, 2017

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25oct6:15 pm- 8:30 pmWednesday Heroclix6:15 pm - 8:30 pm Gryphon Games & ComicsEvent Organized By: Fort Collins Events


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  • “Highlander Rule” is always enforced.  Each figure on your force must have a unique real name.
  • Resource Dials (Infinity Gauntlet, Utility Belt) may only be used in games over 300 points.
  • No restriction on Colossals, Vehicles, or Team Bases, they can be played at any size game unless otherwise specified.
  • Fellowship to be determined by die roll unless judge determines otherwise for rewarding exceptional sportmanship.