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What is Free Comic Book Day?

Gryphon Games & Comics is proud to be one of the many participating comic book stores around the world that celebrates Free Comic Book Day each year. All day long we’ll be giving away comics completely free to anyone who visits the store. There are comics for every age and genre – superhero, fantasy, horror, sci fi, steampunk, kids comics and more! Not only that, but we like to turn Free Comic Book Day into a mini festival with featured local artists, writers, game demos, live action role playing and jousters. We’re planning even more entertainment this year!

This Year’s Featured Guests


Mike Baron

Mike Baron is the creator of Nexus (with artist Steve Rude) and Badger two of the longest lasting independent superhero comics. Nexus, about a cosmic avenger 500 years in the future, appears monthly in Dark Horse Presents. There are twelve hardbound volumes from Dark Horse. Badger, about a multiple personality one of whom is an animal rights champion, will appear in September from a resurgent First Comics by the time you read this. Baron has written The Punisher, Flash, Deadman and Star Wars among many other titles.

Baron is an Eisner and Inkpot Award winner. Baron has published three novels, Helmet Head, Whack Job and Biker. Helmet Head is flesh-shredding horror about Nazi biker zombies. Whack Job is mind-blowing science fiction about spontaneous human combustion. Biker is hard-boiled crime about a reformed motorcycle hoodlum turned private investigator.

You can find them on Amazon. Helmet Head has received nineteen reviews averaging five stars. Whack Job has received five reviews averaging five stars. Biker has received four reviews averaging five stars. You can read more about Baron’s fiction at Ain’t It Cool News: And at The Comics Beat:

Baron will publish two novels in 2013: Banshees from Garcia Publishing, and Skorpio from his own bad hands. Banshees is a horror novel about a satanic rock band that returns from the dead. Skorpio is a horror novel about a ghost who only appears under a blazing sun.


ron fortier

Ron Fortier

A veteran comic book creator, Ron’s best known for writing the Green Hornet and Terminator: Burning Earth, with Alex Ross, for Now Comics back in the 80s. Today, he keeps busy writing and editing new pulp anthologies and novels via his Airship 27 Productions.

He won the Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Short Story of 2011 for Vengeance Is Mine, which appeared in The Avenger – Justice Inc. from Moonstone Books and again in 2012 for The Ghoul, which appeared in Monster Aces. He continues to write his own graphic novels and series, such a Mr. Jigsaw Man of a Thousands Parts via Redbud Studio.

You can keep up with other work on his personal website at



Jeff Herndon

jeff herndonJeff is a freelance illustrator living in Fort Collins. He has illustrated book covers for authors like Kevin J. Anderson, Mike Baron and J.T. Krul. Drawing inspiration from the movies he loved as a child and his healthy respect for illustrators of the golden age, he marries imagination and skill with every mark. He devotes his time to a variety of projects. Whether it’s conceptual design, book cover illustration or portraiture, above all things Jeff loves to tell stories with his art.

Besides painting his days away, he spends as much time as possible enjoying life in Fort Collins with his muse and wife Jamie. You can see more of his work at




abrahm akin

Abrahm Akin

Years ago, Abrahm (Abe) Akin, under the name Kill-or, fought with Keldor against the tyranny of King Randor. At the battle of Grayskull, Keldor was horribly disfigured and Abe was exiled to a forgotten dimension. As the years of his exile pass, Abe works tirelessly to harness the powers of magic and return to Eternia to avenge his fallen commander.

With that said, harnessing the powers of magic is a long and tedious process. So he bides his time by writing and illustrating a comic book called The Ugly Tree.




felipe echevarria

Felipe Echevarria

Felipe Echevarria is an American artist working in dual arenas of fine art, and comics & graphic novels. His best known works include the watercolor comics adaptation of the Hitchcock film PSYCHO, the underground Sandman Death paintings collection entitled ANKH, the SPEARWOMEN sketchbook, and his incorporation of spirituality and metaphysics in both his fine art and upcoming comic art projects.

His current projects in the works are: KLOON, a colorfully illustrated all-ages book involving a coming-of-age drama in the Turn of the Century Paris circus scene, STAKES, a supernatural/adventure comic written by Todd Jones and DEATH FROM ABOVE, a hand-painted metaphysical graphic novel revealing the true spiritual nature of death and life.


Lee Oaklee oakss!

After studying sequential art on this continent, LEE OAKS! decided to try the next comic loving land mass. He lived for six years in the kingdom of comics, otherwise known as Belgium. Imbued with ancient secrets of the IXth art, LEE OAKS! now puts them to practice daily. Some of his work includes Escape from Terra, Tales of Tralodren: The Beginning, Black Ice with writer Mike Baron, La Compagnie des Glaces, Alongside Night and his own creation: Thunder Monkey.





ben mikkelsen

Ben Mikkelsen

Ben Mikkelsen is an illustrator, writer and graphic designer working out of Loveland, Colorado. He is the co-founder of Six Eleven Comics and co-creator of Ghosts of Starfall. Currently, Ben has 3 projects in the works ranging from modern day mythos to a sci-fi space opera.






todd jones

Todd Jones

When your first word is “Batman”, it’s either a sign you should be working in comics or become a super hero. Having no super powers or wealth to afford crime-fighting gadgets, Todd Jones decided to be a comic writer instead.

He has worked on Pandemonium Spotlight for Twilight Star Studios, All-Star Pulp for Airship 27, as well as Wicked Awesome Tales and STAKES for Wicked Wolf Comics. These projects have allowed him to collaborate with talented artists such as Felipe Echevarria, Bill Thompson, Chad Blakely, Jeremy McHugh, Patrick Joel de Leon, Jeff Herndon, and LEE OAKS!. Todd currently resides in Colorado with his super awesome wife, their four rabbits and three dogs.




ensemble comics

Jamie & Jonathan Bonjour

Siblings Jamie and Jonathan Bonjour of Ensemble Comics will be premiering their very first comic at Gryphon Games & Comics during Free Comic Book Day!

You can learn more about their comic debut at

Thomas Webster

Thomas Webster is an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Motion Graphics artist from Arvada. Check out his Facebook page to see some of the artwork he’ll be bringing to Free Comic Book Day.

Laurissa Hughes

Laurissa Hughes grew up in Colorado and has been drawing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. A love of storytelling became a passion for Storyboarding and Comics, and she received a degree in Animation. She currently works as a freelance artist in Colorado, doing storyboards, comics, illustration, and animation.

Laurissa also enjoys snowboarding, playing the clarinet, learning foreign languages, and watching lots of British television.



Amanda McManaman

Amanda is a Colorado native and loves being creative. She is currently hard at work writing and drawing her new graphic novel, as well as wide array of freelance projects. An avid follower of dreams, she could easily lose too many hours reading fantasy novels and playing video games if she let herself. Become a McManaFAN at  and by liking her Facebook page!