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Fort Collins board games HQ! Play board games in the cafe, rent from the rental library, meet friends and get in a game in one of our spacious game rooms, and browse our huge collection of the best games in the industry in our massive retail space!

Play Games in the Purple Cup Cafe

Our Fort Collins location is home to the Purple Cup Cafe, where you can pop in anytime to play a board game FREE and enjoy a coffee, espresso, or tasty treats with your friends! Check out a game before you buy!

Gryphon Board Game Rental System – Try Before You Buy

Many of our awesome board games are available to rent through our Gryphon Board Game Rental System, so you can try it out before committing to your purchase forever – we understand forever is a long time.

Our board game rental system is super simple. Pick a game from our rental shelf and play with your friends or family before buying it. Return your game and pick up another one. Loved the game and must make it yours? You can use your accumulated rental fees as credit to purchase of a new copy of that game!

Perks of renting a board game:

  • It’s super affordable! Rental fees are about 10% of the retail price – avg. $2-$5.
  • Feel confident knowing you love the game before committing to buy it.
  • Use your rental fees as credit towards a brand new copy of that specific game.

Get an In-Store Demo

Our staff love board games and we want to show them to you! With so many games to choose from, you want to be sure to get a game that is suitable for you and your family or friends. Stop by our Fort Collins store to get a quick demo from one of our friendly staff members!

Get it in Fort Collins!