Ixalan Events in Fort Collins

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Ixalan is looking to be one of the most exciting Magic: The Gathering releases in awhile. Who does not love pirates and dinosaurs??? Are interested in Ixalan events in Fort Collins, but do not know where to start? Here are all the basics! Ixalan Open House - September 16 The Ixalan Open House will kick [...]

What Miniatures Do I Need to Start D&D?

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So you've started playing D&D, and are ready to take the next step and get some miniatures? Getting your first miniature for D&D can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many to choose from! The temptation, of course, is to start with the coolest looking ones. Dragons, demons, and other beasties adorn many a [...]

Good Grade Discount: A Reason to be Excited for Back-to-School!

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Need an extra kick of motivation this Back-to-School season? Gryphon's got it - with a good grade discount for students! This includes students of universities and non-traditional elementary schools! How it works: Bring your report card in within 30 days of issue and receive a good grade discount! Discounts are calculated based on Grade [...]

Start Playing D&D in Two Simple Steps

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Ever wanted to try playing Dungeons & Dragons? Have you played before but haven't looking into the new rules? Here's a quick summary of how you can get started playing D&D! If you're not sure what role-playing is, here is a quick overview. Step 1: Start Playing You might think you need to do some [...]

Squishables – What are They and Why You Need One (or Two or Three)

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If you watch our social media (and you should), then you know that we LOVE Squishables! So what the heck are they and why do you need one? Super cute stuffed animals Come in 4 sizes - Micro, Mini, Regular and Massive All are very unique, with designs for unicorns, sea turtles, Great Danes, Cthulhus, [...]

Hour of Devastation Fort Collins Events

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Interested in coming to events for Hour of Devastation in Fort Collins, but do not know where to start? Here are all the basics! Prerelease Events - July 7-9 Friday at midnight (Saturday at 12am) - 2-Headed Giant Sealed Friday at midnight (Saturday at 12am) - Individual Sealed Deck Saturday at 11am - 2-Headed Giant [...]

A Parent’s Guide to Pokemon: What’s all the fuss?

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Hello all! In case you missed it, Pokemon are pretty popular right now. The Pokemon Go game is making international news, and more people than ever are learning about the world of Pocket Monsters! So what's the big deal, what do you need to know as a parent, and how do you start? Check out [...]

A Very Special THANK YOU To Our Kickstarter Backers!

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A Very Special THANK YOU To Our Kickstarter Backers The following people, families and businesses graciously supported our Tenth Anniversary and Relocation Kickstarter. You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much for your past, current, and continued support. We couldn't have done it without you, and you are the reason we do it! Thanks everyone [...]

Video: Battle For Zendikar Midnight Prerelease Sealed – Riffe V. Bocra

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Watch Riffe V. Bocra in a taut Battle For Zendikar Sealed matchup. Both were 5-0 going into the final, Scions and Eldrazi  meets BUG Ingest! This video was taken from our twitch stream with feature commentary by judge Luke Hagerling. Join us and follow for feature events streams on twitch! www.twitch.tv/gryphongamesandcomics [...]