Squishables – What are They are Why You Need One (or Two or Three)

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If you watch our social media (and you should), then you know that we LOVE Squishables! So what the heck are they and why do you need one? Super cute stuffed animals Come in 4 sizes - Micro, Mini, Regular and Massive All are very unique, with designs for unicorns, sea turtles, Great Danes, Cthulhus, [...]

Hour of Devastation Fort Collins Events

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Interested in coming to events for Hour of Devastation in Fort Collins, but do not know where to start? Here are all the basics! Prerelease Events - July 7-9 Friday at midnight (Saturday at 12am) - 2-Headed Giant Sealed Friday at midnight (Saturday at 12am) - Individual Sealed Deck Saturday at 11am - 2-Headed Giant [...]

A Parent’s Guide to Pokemon: What’s all the fuss?

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Hello all! In case you missed it, Pokemon are pretty popular right now. The Pokemon Go game is making international news, and more people than ever are learning about the world of Pocket Monsters! So what's the big deal, what do you need to know as a parent, and how do you start? Check out [...]

A Very Special THANK YOU To Our Kickstarter Backers!

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A Very Special THANK YOU To Our Kickstarter Backers The following people, families and businesses graciously supported our Tenth Anniversary and Relocation Kickstarter. You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much for your past, current, and continued support. We couldn't have done it without you, and you are the reason we do it! Thanks everyone [...]

Video: Battle For Zendikar Midnight Prerelease Sealed – Riffe V. Bocra

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Watch Riffe V. Bocra in a taut Battle For Zendikar Sealed matchup. Both were 5-0 going into the final, Scions and Eldrazi  meets BUG Ingest! This video was taken from our twitch stream with feature commentary by judge Luke Hagerling. Join us and follow for feature events streams on twitch! www.twitch.tv/gryphongamesandcomics [...]

Video: Modern Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier 8/15 FINALS Donnan V. Miyashiro

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Watch as Blake Donnan and Justin Miyashiro battle it out in the Finals of our Magic: The Gathering Modern format Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier. Neither deck was top tier, but both players fought through the field with tight play to meet each other at the top table! This video was taken from our twitch stream [...]

Take to the Skies! New Pokemon XY Expansion: Roaring Skies

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    Soar to new heights and command Pokemon of the air in the 6th expansion Pokémon: XY—Roaring Skies! This new set will have all new Mega Pokemon EX cards, trainer cards, theme decks and special online codes! Let's take a peek under the clouds to see what's in the new expansion. Over 100 New Cards Roaring Skies pays homage [...]

The Dragonlord Cards Review

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As promised in our last blog Dragons of Tarkir Top 8 Picks, we're giving the dragon lord cards their spotlight review. Back again to review these cards is competitive Gryphon's player Nick Jensen. Let's hop right into it! Dragonlord Atarka The dragon clan lore shapes not only the actions and ideals of the clan, but dictates what [...]

DC Convergence Begins April 1st

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Starting April 1st, DC is unleashing the biggest 9 issue story ever to be told in the DC Universe! Your favorite characters from all the DC universes, from the very beginning to the New 52, will converge and fight to survive against a force that threatens to bend the multiverse to its will. That's right, any character you thought [...]