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Who we are:

Gryphon Games & Comics has been providing the best comic and game services to Fort Collins and Cheyenne since 2005. From the beginning, our goal has been to establish a family friendly place to play games and meet people who share the same hobbies.

We carry a large selection of comics, board games, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, miniature war games, novelties and more! We host game group events, tournaments and hobby nights in our spacious gaming rooms every night of the week.

Our Fort Collins store also houses the Purple Cup Cafe, where you can find the finest coffee and espresso drinks, pastries and snacks, and the friendliest baristas!

The Gryphon Team

gryphon games and comics sherman


King of the Gryphon Empire

Ruling his realm with a bounty of enthusiasm, Sherman brings fun and joy to all those in the Gryphon Empire.

gryphon games and comics liana


Queen of the Gryphon Empire

Liana oversees the intricate inner workings Gryphon’s great nation.



Lord of the Cheyenne Fortress

Ruling the Wyoming realm with geeky goodies, Kyle is the proud lord of our Cheyenne store.

gryphon games and comics james


Gryphon’s Exalted Planeswalker

James is Gryphon’s noble Magic overseer who aids players with his infinite wisdom.



General of the
Cheyenne Fortress

Aiding the Cheyenne realm, Robert is an expert in geekery with a particular talent for Magic.


gryphon logo


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What the happy townsfolk are saying about us:

5 stars doesn’t cover this place, they deserve a 10 star rating.You won’t find another comic shop more dedicated to its customers. Whether your interest is comics or gaming, there is always a staff member ready to answer any questions you might have. They treat you like a part of the family.
Todd Jones
I just want to endorse Gryphon Games and Comics on Central Avenue for games and comic books. We were there for about a half hour today and the young girl who helped us was super awesome. She gave us advice for games perfect for my kids, and was just about the sweetest human alive. I also like how they set out their new comics … so much easier to find what is just released. They don’t have boxes and boxes of comics, but I already have a list of stuff I’m going back for on payday to get … games, comics and assorted presents. Great store. Make sure to visit!
Lisa Kindel
I have been looking for a good gaming store and this is the best so far 🙂 plan on coming back soon!!
James Hoffman
I will probably always think of this as my home store, thanks for giving me a place to play games!
Travis Parry
Awesome selection and helpful clerks!
Brad Gagliano
Super friendly staff and great community!
Mike Mensik
Can’t get enough of this place. My new go to comic place. Plus the staff is amazing.
Chadd Adam
If bees had knees, this place would be full of ’em. Super nice people.
Brennan McMillian