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Gryphon Comic Book Picks for Sept. 17th!

Chris brings you more of the exclusive one-shot holographic DC titles as well as the last Thor: God of Thunder before its transition to a female Thor in October. Make sure to watch this week’s Gryphon Comic Picks and don’t forget to stop by our stores to pick up your weekly subscriptions!

We know school just started and chances are you’re really not thrilled about reading all those boring school books. We’re gonna be a bad influence and try to convince you to read these 6 Spectacular September Series instead! We promise they’re more interesting than Biology 101!

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We also have lots of Magic Events coming up in both Fort Collins and Cheyenne!

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Gryphon's Comic Picks September 17th, 2014

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Six Spectacular September Comics

This September is shaping up to be a big month for comics, especially if you’re a DC fan!

After the success of the Trinity of Sin 3D villain covers last year, DC has announced a […]

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